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For the Parents

Stay informed about what your child is doing and what LAX Academy is doing to keep them safe and comfortable. 

Safety First

LAX Academy ensure maximum safety measures are in place. Apart from our COVID-19 protocols, safety and security is of paramount importance to us, our campuses and training grounds are equipped with security personnel, campus police and state of the art equipment providing safety and security for and after the duration of our daily classes, training, coaching sessions, and competitive games.

College Friends

Arriving on Campus

Once arrived on campus, the respective coaches and teachers will be present to welcome student-athletes/performers. 

For safety & security, our classes, training sessions and any area that the academy uses at anytime are exclusive to the Academy's student-athletes/performers. Additionally, only persons with LAX Academy issued IDs or visitor badge will be allowed to enter our exclusive environment.

Hanging Ornaments

Holidays & Absence

The Academy recognizes all Jamaican public holidays. As such, the Academy will be closed for regular operations on those days. 

  • New Years Day

  • Ash Wednesday 

  • Good Friday

  • Easter Monday

  • Labor Day

  • Emancipation Day

  • Independence Day

  • National Heroes day

  • Thanksgiving 

  • Christmas Day

  • Boxing Day 

Eating Hamburger

Schools Menu

Our campuses includes a canteen and Tuck Shop where students can purchase a variety of meals, snacks and refreshments.

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