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LAX Athletes meet Florida Golf University for Exit Trial

Exit Trials are opportunities given to players to join a football camp with other players from across the globe in an attempt to impress football scouts.

From Left: Saqlain Wildman (LAX Academy President), Garvin McPherson (LAX Athlete) and Giovanni Headley (LAX Athlete).

On June 22nd, 2023 our very own football athletes Giovanni Headley and Garvin McPherson got the opportunity to travel internationally for a 3-day Exit Trial at the Florida Gulf Coast University in the United States of America, accompanied by LAX Academy President, Saqlain Wildman.

At LAX Academy, Headley is known for playing both left wing and right wing and McPherson’s playing positions are center back or central defensive midfield. When asked how they felt about getting chosen for this trial, Headley recalled being shocked but ecstatic as he just really wanted the opportunity to perform while McPherson was ‘just overall very excited to have been given such an opportunity.’

"One thing I will go on this trip without and come back with is definitely the experience because playing amongst other players from all over the world isn’t necessarily something you can get out here [Jamaica],” Headly expressed. McPherson also chimed in to add that he would love to gain a scholarship or secure position from this opportunity.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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